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It calculates prefix, mask, subnets and hosts based on IP addresses
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To control network traffic, IP Networks are often sub netted, and calculating subnets is often a difficult task. Using the IP Subnet Calculator helps you to speed up the task by saving you time calculating your IP subnets. The program presents a neat, expanding main window that is always on top. Entering an IP address immediately prompts the program to display the default subnet mask, its class prefix, the Network and Broadcast addresses and the valid host range. Clicking on the 'Calculate all Subnets' button expands the interface to display your printable results. The whole operation couldn't be simpler.

The program recognizes both Private IP and APIPA, or Automatic Private IP Addressing, and clicking on any of the Broadcast, Network and Valid host range sections will prompt the program to display the relevant binary results. The calculated lists can be saved to TAB delimited text files for reference. The program also features drop-down menus of subnets in a network feature and for Hosts per subnet. This convenient IP Subnet calculator uses little system resources and processes the calculations you are interested in for determining subnet compatibility within networks very quickly.

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